Verizon Planning To Offer Family Data Plans

Telecom companies are going through a very tight competition with each other. That is why each one may be keen on trying to attract consumers into their fold by offering a number of attractive service plans for different people. For Verizon’s part, it may be offering a single data plan for families.

Yes, you heard that right. Verizon Wireless is planning to offer family data plans in the future that would support multiple devices such as smartphones and tablets. The whole family may now be able to have a single service plan where they can share minutes and data services and pay only a single monthly bill.

Verizon Wireless eyes this option as a means to offer better options for families who make use of multiple devices. Previously, Verizon offers separate data service plans for smartphones and tablets. On a family data plan, both devices are already included. Minutes of usage can be shared between family members, which will turn out to be more efficient in the long run.

But another reason why Verizon Wireless may be offering the family data plan is to try and soften the effects of its move to eliminate data service plans that allow users with unlimited Web access for a flat fee. Verizon is on its way of replacing it with a tiered pricing scheme that will enable heavy data users to pay more for the service.

Source: Yahoo

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