Verizon LG Versa

LG Versa

The LG VX9600 Versa smart phone is a new offering from Verizon Wireless. And with smart phones getting better and better, it may be hard getting the attention of users if such phones have nothing new or unique to offer. And in case of the LG Versa, it may have added a feature considered unique to it and may not yet be featured on other such phones in its category.

The LG Versa has all the usual features that most of today’s smartphones already offer. But what makes it unique is that this mobile phone features a detachable QWERTY OLED keypad fitted into a seemingly unique phone leather case.

The phone somehow looks like a bulky type of iPhone. Its edge may be its unique touch of having added a detachable QWERTY keyboard that users may or may not bring along with them. Quite an interesting take to a smartphone. The Verizon LG Versa is slotted for release this March. The new mobile phone may be available at Verizon Wireless starting at US199.99 for a two-year customer agreement.

Image Source: LG

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