Verizon Ellipsis tablet, trademark registration leaked

Verizon Ellipsis

Verizon Ellipsis

Wireless service companies have been offering smartphones and tablets from other companies like Apple and Samsung. There have been rare instances when wireless carriers introduce its own devices and Verizon could be taking that plunge.

The serial gadget leaker @evleaks shows off a new tablet from Verizon Wireless with the caption “Verizon Ellipsis 7, 2013”. Apart from its thick bezel, nothing much can be said for now about this 7-inch Android tablet.

As for the authenticity of this product shot, there might be some hint of truth to it. FierceCable, a blog reporting about the broadband Internet industry, has able to unearth evidence of Verizon registering the trademark for “Ellipsis” and “Ellipsis 7”. Particularly, the Ellipsis trademark covers the carrier’s “wireless telecommunications device featuring transmission of voice, data, image and video”, while the Ellipsis 7 includes “wireless telecom devices, tablet computers, and a device that establishes a local, wireless network”.

Judging by its trademarks, not only Verizon Wireless would be offering a new tablet, but also cutting off its relationship with cable companies and instead invest on Intel’s IPTV technology.

Source: Engadget

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