Verismo VuNow Media Streamer Gets Movie Support

Verismo VuNow Pod Internet Media Streamer

Verismo’s VuNow Pod has become one of the must-buy gadgets as of late, but what exactly does it do?  It has a simple yet really demanding function:  Enabling you to watch high-quality Web media content straight to your HDTV without having to connect to a PC.  You can stream global television shows and watch YouTube videos in full screen on your high definition televison with just a click of the remote.

Now, the palm-sized VuNow Pod adds another reason to why you should buy it with a recent deal with Sonic Solutions’ Roxio CinemaNow that enables you to watch full-length movies from up to 250 content providers, including major Hollywood studios.  Meanwhile, Verismo is also in talks with large-scale consumer OEMs, content aggregators, and telco equipment companies, and service providers who want to have their own version of the VuNow.  If that succeeds, you can definitely say that the Verismo VuNow is indeed an all-around Internet media streamer.

"VuNow offers consumers the broadest choice of online video content for today’s living room," says Prakash Bhalerao, CEO of Verismo Networks.  "By partnering with Sonic, we are able to give our customers even more entertainment options-from TV episodes to Hollywood new releases."

The Verismo VuNow Pod is available on its official online store ( as well as on

Image source:  Verismo

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