Verilux Cleanwave Sanitizing Bed Vacuum

Typical air vacuum cleaners are only good cleaning flat surfaces. And most of the time, they may not be ideal for cleaning beds and mattresses which can be a breeding ground for microscopic insects and allergens which can affect your health. For a better option, you may consider using the Verilux Cleanwave Sanitizing Bed Vacuum.

The Verilux Cleanwave is not your typical vacuum cleaner. It features a UV-C light that can kill 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria and microscopic insects like dust mites and flea eggs. This action also helps sanitize and deodorize the bed and mattress without the use of chemicals. A 400 watt motor provides good suction power as it picks up dust and allergens after the UV-C light passes through them. The Verilux Cleanwave is available at the Verilux site for US$130.

Image Source: Verilux

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