Verbatim Store n' Go Clip-it USB Drive

USB drives are becoming relatively common and popular nowadays. It would sure help a lot to have these common handy storage devices some added features aside from just storing files. Verbatim may have given a shot of creativity for this device with its own Store n’ Go Clip-it USB drive.

The Verbatim Store n’ Go Clip-it USB drive not only works as a reliable USB thumb drive to store your important files in. it also doubles as a paper clip, adding to it a more practical feature that will make it even useful around the office. And for this unique design feature, The Verbatim Clip-it USB drive has been given the distinction for being the Red Dot “Best of the Best” for 2010. It is set to be made available in Europe, particularly in the UK, in 2GB or 4GB versions. There’s no word yet on its price.

Image Source: Verbatim UK

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