Veebeam HD For PC To TV Streaming

Some people like to enjoy watching movies and online videos through their laptops. But it would be a welcome option being able to watch online content on a larger screen. This would now be made possible by using Veebeam HD.

Veebeam HD is a device that allows users to stream PC or laptop content into the TV screen wirelessly. It streams video in HD quality from your laptop to the HDTV, giving you a bigger screen size to view video content. It does so via a point-to-point wireless connection that won’t be using a home network that might affect other WiFi connected devices.

A wireless USB is connected to a host PC or laptop while the Veebeam HD receiver is connected to the HDTV for streaming. But it requires a computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo or a higher processor in order to allow 1080p wireless streaming. The Veebeam HD is available at Amazon for US$149.

Image Source: Veebeam

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