Vauxhall Insignia

vauxhall insignia

Vauxhall has done the most sensible thing when it replaced Vectra with Insignia, a sleeker and more fashionable take on the tired 5-door formula. With innovative technology and dynamic design throughout, Insignia is taking Vauxhall’s design language to brand new heights. Insignia is a stunning car, perhaps the most handsome Vauxhall since the Calibra coupe. It definitely looks better than the Renault Laguna and the new Mondeo, with only the new Citroen C5 giving it a run for its money in a beauty contest.

The new Insignia is practically German because it was designed and built there. It is pretty much as good quality as a BMW or an Audi. The model’s cabin is superbly finished. Insignia, powered by a flawless turbodiesel engine, is also fitted with a complete infotainment system. You can also barely hear the engine and considering the tires wider than those of an F1 car, there is hardly any road noise.

Insignia’s curvaceous rear window looks stunning. Unfortunately, the view out the back is really limited, with headrests getting in the way. However once you are out on the open road this car is really superb. Also, it has combined fuel economy is up to 48.7mpg and a fair CO2 emission of about 154g/km. The European New Car Assessment Programme gave Insignia a five-star rating. Insignia costs £21,535 or about $31,913.

Image Source: Vauxhall

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