VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Pets need to stay active in order to stay healthy. They also require companionship and support. Sometimes, even the most responsible pet owners may be guilty of missing out on caring for their pets. It can be unavoidable since most also have busy schedules to keep. The new VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot can be an able substitute to help keep your pets healthy and active.

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot enables you to keep your pets active even while you’re away. Even if you are out on a lengthy trip that will not let you do your duties as a pet owner such as walking or playing with your pet, then this robot will ensure that the task is done in your stead. The robot can act as a pet companion that can entertain and help keep them going.  This smart device can provide pets with activities that will help them stay physically fit while in your absence. You can schedule routines that your pets can follow throughout the day via a mobile app. The app also allows users to manually control the robot to manage the activities their pets will do. Not only that, the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot can also dispense reward treats when pets do a good job.

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot comes with advanced positioning sensors that allow it to navigate spaces when on automatic. It is also designed to be safe and durable enough for pets to gnaw on. Its 10 hours of operating time on a full charge can be more than enough to give your pets a thorough workout with fun activities even when you are not at home. With this pet robot companion, you can help prevent your pets from getting overweight due to lack of regular activities and even from developing anxiety due to loneliness. The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is now available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $99. It is slated to arrive sometime in March of this year.

Image Source: Indiegogo

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