Van Der Led's MW2 Cellphone Watch

Van Der Led Cellphone Watch

With newer innovations in gadgets coming our way on a more frequent basis, it is nice to always see something unique. One worth mentioning would be Van Der Led’s MW2 Watch. It is a beautifully designed watch with an integrated cellphone built in. its sleek design would make it a watch phone that one would really like to wear as some models might look too bulky to wear.

Van Der Led’s MW2 watch is worth checking out. A quad GSM phone cum watch, the MW2 comes with an appropriate 1.3 inch 260k TFT touch screen display. Any bigger and it would be something that would be more appropriate for the pocket. Other features of the watch includes its convenient Bluetooth capabilities, a 1.3 MP camera, and a built in speaker for hands free calling. Not only that, the MW2 watch also integrates an FM radio along with support for playing mp3 and mp4 files.

The phone features allow support for GSM networks in all countries. Battery life is an incredible 300-minutes of talk time. File storage is made possible through its 1GB storage capacity and an available Micro SD slot for additional storage if required. Judging by its many features, the Van Der Led MW2 watch may be the gadget for people looking out for something unique out there.

Image Source: Van Der Led

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