Valkee Earbuds For Light Treatment

People can easily become moody especially during the season where natural light gets quite rare such as during the winter season and early spring. It can become quite serious that lack of light can lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder in some people. Light therapy is considered one of the more effective treatments in such cases. The Valkee Earbuds is designed to offer such a treatment for those who have SAD.

The Valkee Earbuds are unlike your ordinary set of earbuds. For one, it is not used for music listening. Instead the Valkee Earbuds are designed to provide light treatment by channeling bright light to the brain via the ear canal. According to Valkee, this device has been tested and proven as an effective light therapy for people suffering due to lack of exposure to natural light that can affect mood. The Valkee Earbuds is available at Valkee for 185 Euros or around US$242.

Image Source: Valkee

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