UVmini Portable USB Toothbrush Sanitizer

Those who put personal sanitation first may find traveling a bit difficult. Ending up in strange places with questionable sanitation can be a nightmare. It pays to have any portable sanitation device always handy to provide some comfort.

Dropping your toothbrush in a hotel bathroom or anywhere else may pose a sanitation problem on your part. Instead of buying a new toothbrush any time you drop it, you may want to have the UVmini USB Toothbrush Sanitizer always handy when you go on trips. What it does is sanitize your toothbrush effectively via UV light to kill germs.

What makes the UVmini quite interesting is that it can be plugged into any available USB port in your computer in order to work. It also comes with its own rechargeable battery for use when there is no USB port available. It is also quite handy and comes with stylish design that won’t make it quite a drag bringing along with you. There’s no word yet on when this portable toothbrush sanitizer will be made available or how much it will cost. In the meantime, you can check it out on the UVmini site to know more about it.

Image Source: UVmini

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