Ustream Cooperates with UFC, Sets Up Stream Police

It wasn’t too long ago that UFC invoked its intellectual property and sent a subpoena to streaming sites and, seeking for information about users who had streamed their pay-per-view events illegally. These sites, naturally, are cooperating. They are legitimate businesses in the first place, much like how YouTube was (and still is, if you know where to look) a hotbed for pay-per-view clips and TV series episodes.

Ustream has recently released a statement, saying that they continue “to work cohesively with our premium content partners to prevent piracy.” The statement also that they will “also updated (their) copyright protection tools to enable copyright holders to easily and quickly monitor, and take down infringing content” on their site as part of Ustream’s “continued efforts to ensure strong content protection” for their partners.

We’ll see if that will work, especially when UFC will be having its large-scale PPV, UFC 117, this Saturday evening. This event will feature Anderson Silva defending his Middleweight Championship against Chael Sonnen.

Source: CrunchGear

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