USB Squirming Tentacle

There are gadgets that have known functions aiming to help people with some tasks. And then, there are some other devices considered as useless, and that is a fact. But where will you categorize this USB Squirming Tentacle if you see one?

The USB Squirming Tentacle is simply that- a colorful octopus tentacle that can be connected to a USB port. What it does is squirm and wiggle when connected to an available USB port. It basically does nothing but that. No, this USB toy doesn’t even come featured with a flash drive, just a wiggling and moving tentacle that seems to have no place connected to your laptop. But then, it always deserves a look or two, effectively adding some air of fascination to your device. Who says that devices need to have a useful function in order to be fun to have around? The USB Squirming Tentacle is available at ThinkGeek for US$25.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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