USB Scent Flower: Aromatherapy in Your Office

USB Flower

Daily office work can be stressful.  Don’t want to just relax and breathe deeply for a few seconds just to ease the stress?  However, if you working environment has some major odor issues, it may even worsen the strain in your work load.

Work comfortably and at ease with the help of aromatherapy.  Inhaling some natural essential oils can help relieve the tensions in your mind and take off stress.  But instead of burning candles, which can be dangerous, and buying expensive oils, simply plug in a USB Scent Flower.

This flower-shaped, USB-based gadget has a simple function:  It releases aromatherapy scents and fill your work space with soothing odors.  Simply plug the USB Scent Flower on your office PC and let your cubicle smell like a field of flowers.

The USB Scent Flower also comes with three scent refills that can last for up to a month.  You can choose between lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and ocean breeze.

The patent-pending USB Scent Flower is now available for only US$9.99, excluding postage.

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