USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player

Most MP3 Players may generally look similar to one another. They may sport the same features and general design that may not make them stand out that well if placed beside the other MP3 players. Sometimes, even a unique design might be eye catching and interesting enough to make them stand out.

For those who are into sentimentality and all that jazz,how about checking this unique USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player? The design of this unique MP3 player is inspired by those bulky first generation cellphones of yesteryears. No wait, they are designed to look exactly like those retro mobile phones. But this time you play music through them, not make calls.

The USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player functions not only as an MP3 player but also as a portable speaker. You can either put in a microSD card or plug a compatible device on its USB slot or a 3.5 mm stereo audio connector to enjoy your favorite songs. It is available at USB Brando for US$23.

Image Source: USB Brando

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