USB Plug and Play Cell Phone Antenna

USB Plug and Play Cell Phone Antenna

Although the use of mobile phones has become quite common, problems concerning poor signal reception still persist. There are still an abundance of poor signal reception complaints out there. Short of bothering your local network provider about it, there are other things that you can do to resolve this problem personally.

In areas with poor mobile phone signal reception, especially in the home, you may consider getting a signal booster antenna. This USB Plug And Play Cell Phone Antenna might just do the job. This antenna device can help boost signal power in areas where there’s crappy signal coverage. It can be as easy as plugging the USB device into your laptop or PC, setting up the antenna up to 15 feet away from its USB base and you’re set.

The USB Plug and Play Cell Phone Antenna can improve signal strength for up to three bars within five feet radius of the antenna. You can strategically place the antenna in an area with poor signal reception and you no longer have to complain about your crappy network provider, except maybe for the monthly plan bills. This antenna works with most Canadian and US carriers except for those using iDEN mobile phones. Keep in mind that this antenna would only work if there are some hints of signal reception in the area concerned, up to one bar at the very least. It’s available at ThinkGeek for US$100.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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