USB LED Clock Fan

USB LED Clock FanUSB devices have become quite popular. Those slots in your PC or laptop are no longer reserved for just your removable USB flash drives. Many devices have cropped up that make use of a vacant USB slot as a power outlet. There are USB lights, fans, hand warmers, massagers and just about any other quirky function you can think of. It gives a bit of fun to what you can do with your computer or laptop. This USB LED Clock Fan is one of those interesting USB gadgets you would want to have.

The USB LED Clock Fan is an interesting device once you really see it working. On its own, you see it as an ordinary USB fan attached to a flexible metallic snake neck that you can adjust easily. It is quite interesting on its own as a fan. But once the fan blade spins, something interesting happens- the blade lights up and shows you a functioning clock with clock digits as well as moving second, minute and hour hands to help you tell time.

One blade of the USB LED Clock Fan features a tape of tiny LED lights that magically creates a small LED clock when the USB fan starts to spin. It is a unique way for you to check out the time while at your desk in the office while creating a gentle breeze when needed. But do not expect it to replace your air conditioning just yet. The USB LED Clock Fan is a fun yet functional gadget to have to make things a bit interesting when in front of your office computer. But it may cause your colleagues to always ask you about the time just to see your interesting USB gadget. The USB LED Clock Fan is available at Gizoo for 13 UK Pounds. That is around $20 in US money.

Image Source: Gizoo

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