USB Clip Memory Stick

Since its introduction during the early 2000s, memory sticks have become smaller and smaller to the point that they become so overlooked. A German designer thought of this nifty idea of adding another functionality to your usual memory sticks: Turn them into paper clips!

It may sound like a crazy idea, but think about it. You can submit your resume, then attach your portfolio in the form of a memory stick, or provide press releases in the form of clipped-on memory sticks instead of traditional paper or CDs.

The designer, Arman Emami, won the 2010 Red Dot design award for product design, as well as the “Best of Show” trophy, for the USB Clip Memory Stick. It is curious to note that he normally works on commercial and residential real estate and not on technology products.

We expect to see this concept design come to life in the coming months.

Source: CrunchGear

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