USB Anion Air Purifier

Clean air seems to become an important issue with all the pollution going around. It seems that air quality at the home or the office may also have decreased quite a bit for more people. Some would want to ensure that the air they breath is clean especially when doing common tasks such as working or playing with the computer. Fortunately there’s a USB Anion Air Purifier that you can always use.

This handy little USB gadget you can plug into any available USB port in your computer and acts as an ionizer to make the air around you clean. What it does is emit healthy negative ions in the air that attach to the air molecules as well as any other impure air borne particles to negatively charge them. This removes the toxic substances such as dust, odors and even molds from the air, thereby making it clean. The USB Anion Air Purifier is ideal for use in areas 10 to 20 square meters big and effectively keep the air cleaner and safer. The USB Anion Air Purifier is available at USB Brando for US$19.

Image Source: USB Brando

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