USB Airplane Mouse

usb airplane mouse

One of the best things about the USB Airplane Mouse is that it can be used by those who travel on planes constantly.

For those who are fond of cutesy little things especially when it comes to gadgets, there is something waiting for you to have. It is called the Mini USB Airplane Mouse. It is so small that it can fit anywhere you like. But, of course, that’s not all.

The cool thing about this small and terribly cute gizmo is that it has wings on its sides. That is why it is called that, in the first place. So if you have kids who likes things like these, they will fall in love with it immediately. But take good care of it as it is not a toy.

Also, another of its nice features is that it has a retractable cord. So you can adjust its length whatever suits you the most. Actually, it was designed for use when traveling in airplanes. Again, maybe that’s why it has been given such a name.

But if you are going to take a look at it, it can be used anywhere you are. With its USB cord, you can plug it in your notebook or laptop and enjoy using it. As a mouse, it definitely functions as one. Unless you are thinking that it will fly just because the word airplane is affixed to it.

The USB Mini Airplane Mouse has a dimension of about 80 millimeters x 80 millimeters x 30 millimeters and weighs at about 45 grams. It is available for about $14 and it can be purchased online in

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