USB 3.0 Integration May Be Delayed Until 2011

USB 3.0

Reports claim that Intel Corporation has decided to delay their motherboard integration with USB 3.0, otherwise known as SuperSpeed USB, until 2011.  Without any chip set support, USB 3.0 would have to contend with "a few high-end graphics workstations and consumer systems" to integrate with come 2010.  This is the second issue to hound the project after the ultrawide-based wireless USB virtually collapsed.

The source adds that this emerging technology is not a priority with the world’s major silicon enabler, although Intel originally planned to sample USB 3.0-supported chip sets in early 2010.  The delay has said to have infuriated a handful of chip makers like AMD and NVIDIA, who are planning on introducing new storage controllers for the USB 3.0.  Intel has yet to comment on the issue.

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