Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle

Going around in the city nowadays can be quite stressful especially if you make the daily commute there. Many cities in the world suffer from serious traffic problems that not only add stress but also affect one’s productivity as well. Sometimes, it is the so-called “last mile” that concerns many commuters. This Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle aims to resolve that problem.

Portable Personal Transport

The Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle is a self-balancing, ultra lightweight, foldable electric scooter. Its aim is to bridge the gap between the missing connections in the usual daily commute. People may have to go through walking distances from the bus stop to the nearest train station. People may find it a hassle driving into traffic upon entering the inner city. In such cases, this new portable electric scooter may provide the alternative means of transport.

The Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle makes use of a patent-pending folding system that allows users to fold the scooter into the size of a brief case in a couple of seconds. But when in use, it can travel at a range of 20 kms or 13 miles at a top speed of 15kmh or 10 mph on a full charge. Its 14”-sized wheels makes it ideal for use on any surface.

The self-balancing aspect of this hands free electric scooter may scare some people. But it features an AI-based steering system that allows the Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle rider to learn using it after around 10 minutes of trying. An optional telescopic handlebar is also available for those who prefer having it for added comfort or convenience. And for a modern twist, the Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle can also be connected to a companion app that allows users to check on the remaining range, change light settings, and even analyze the previous riding experience. The Urmo Foldable Urban Electric Vehicle is now available for pre-order for around 1,299 Euros or around $1,470. It is expected to be available sometime in November of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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