Urbanears Slussen

Listening to party music can enliven the crowd or a small gathering. It can even help keep you mood up while listening to it by yourself. But sometimes, you may want to play the part of the DJ and create the music that will make your friends or party up on their feet. But the DJ equipment you need is not something that you always welcome having to bring along. The new Urbanears Slussen may help provide the right alternative for you.

The Urbanears Slussen is a unique splitter that can work with your iOS device to make it a portable DJ machine when combined with a special app. This audio jack splitter works by simultaneously connecting your headphones with your iOS device also connected to a sound system. A downloadable Slussen app allows users to make use of DJ functions such as BPM control, scratching, crossfade, equalizer as well as allows pre-listening to created beats, much like what DJ’s do. The Urbanears Slussen costs US$20 at Urbanears for those who would like to become a portable DJ. The Slussen app is free to download and also compatible for use with other audio splitters you may have.

Image Source: CNET France

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