Urban Shredder

With skateboards and bikes being common, kids would sometimes look for something unique to hitch a ride into. Many kids sometimes would want something different, something that their friends do not have yet. For those kids who are looking for something new to ride on, they can take their chances with the Urban Shredder.

The Urban Shredder by Hot Wheels is a unique mode of kid’s transportation, if there is such a thing. It may be considered as a combination of a skateboard and a motorcycle. The Urban Shredder is quite small enough for kids to easily bring along, similar to a skateboard. Kids ride it like a motorcycle. It comes with its own 250-watt electric motor capable of going up to 10mph, at speeds safe enough for kids. It comes with two 12-volt rechargeable batteries that can go for 60 minutes at full charge.

The Urban Shredder features a twist grip for acceleration and a hand brake for stopping, quite similar to how a motorcycle operates. It is designed for kids 8 years old and above with a maximum weight of 150 lbs. The Urban Shredder by Hot Wheels is available at Amazon for US$500.

Image Source: Amazon

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