Upgrade Home Security With The Lynx Indoor Camera

home security camera

home security cameraHome security has become an important feature of the smart home. Even conventional homes require some form of home security for that added peace of mind, especially with the world today and the risks they present. For some, home security can be quite a sizable investment. But it should not always be the case. There are other cost-effective options available out there, such as what the Lynx Indoor Camera offers.

The Lynx Indoor Camera from Tend was recently introduced in the market to provide a smart video monitoring solution for households that need it. What the Lynx Indoor Camera offers is an easy set up option for homes that do not require a complex network of monitoring cameras in the home. The Lynx can easily be set up with any existing WiFi network in minutes. It can also be placed or mounted anywhere without the need of complicated wiring.

The Lynx Indoor Camera features sharp 1080p HD video with clear two-way audio. It also comes with an infrared sensor to enable nighttime monitoring at home. It also detects motion as well. The Lynx also comes with advanced facial recognition technology built into its system, allowing the camera to recognize familiar faces and eliminate false alarms. The camera makes use of the Tend Secure app, available for both iOS and Android devices, to pre-load pictures of familiar faces in the Facial Recognition Library. The app can then issue a mobile check-in alert once the smart camera learns about the common habits of the occupants such as the time of departures and arrivals at home. The two-way audio allows users checking into the home from far away to communicate with people who are at home. And when it detects unfamiliar faces, the camera can provide some live streaming video as well as still image capture that can be sent and accessed through the Tend Insight’s cloud servers.

The system also comes with a lifetime free seven-day cloud storage of video and audio footage. The Lynx Indoor Camera offers a no-nonsense option for homes that require a simple video monitoring system. It also supports multi-cam use so that it is possible for households or businesses to install additional Lynx Indoor Cameras at the different strategic locations at home. The Lynx Indoor Camera is available at Amazon and other selected retailers for around $60.

Image Source: Tend

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