Updated Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Gets an Update

Everything happened fast, really fast. First, there were rumors circulating that Microsoft was coming up with an upgraded Xbox 360 controller, with an improved directional pad as its main feature. Then, all of a sudden, a representative of Xbox Live came up with a YouTube video detailing the new controller. According to Larry Hryb, known in the gaming community as Major Nelson, the updated D-pad is a patented design consisting of a disc that can be twisted to raise the crossbars by about a quarter of an inch, thus making the left thumb feel more of the directional configurations.

Also, the analog sticks of this new wireless controller has also been revised to be a bit more concave. Meanwhile, the ABXY buttons are now in monochrome tones instead of the usual colored fare. The matte silver Xbox 360 controller will only come bundled with the Play and Charge kit, costing US$64.99 beginning November 9 in Stateside, while Europeans would get the feel of it come February 2011.

Source: Major Nelson, via Engadget

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