UNOBRUSH Is The Toothbrush Of The Future

While the modern world has changed a lot of times, it seems that some things we do still remain the same. Take for example the way you brush your teeth. People still use the same toothbrush as the common means of cleaning teeth daily. Of course, there’s flossing and mouthwashes, but they usually complement the toothbrush for overall oral hygiene. It may be time to look for a more effective oral hygiene option. That is what the new UNOBRUSH tries to offer. 

The UNOBRUSH is being marketed as the world’s smartest toothbrush. But it does not clean your teeth, mouth and gums the way that you would expect. Instead of the usual bristles, the UNOBRUSH is equipped with the patent-pending UNOfoam that can wrap around your teeth when you bite into it. It then makes use of pulsing sonic vibrations provided by the base module attached to the  

UNOfoam. With this system, users can effectively reach and clean 99.9 percent of teeth surfaces and even the crevices in just 6 seconds. That alone allows users to save 95 percent of the time they spend brushing teeth the conventional way. When not in use, the UNOBRUSH is placed in a special docking station equipped with UV light that kills 99.9 percent of germs while sanitizing the mouthpiece.  

Using the UNOBRUSH is a better option to consider since it can reach and clean more surfaces of your mouth that conventional brushing. You can also avoid the abrasive nature of using the toothbrush which can sometimes contribute to teeth or gum damage. With the UNOBRUSH, you can care for your teeth 2x better in only a matter of seconds. The UNOBRUSH is available for pre-order at Indiegogo for $109. It is expected to be available sometime in August of this year. 

Image Source: Indiegogo      

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