Universal Remote Tablet Control The House

Universal remote tablet

Ladies and Gentlemen of the techy ilk, the future is here. Or, maybe not yet. I think it is safe to say "it is in the works". The universal remote – not the one that can be programmed to be use on any brand of television by encoding numeric codes – has been around recently, actually. But the problem with fully integrated universal remotes such as Logitech Harmony is that they seriously lack style.

David Chacon, the innovator of the Universal Remote v2.0 Tablet has that particular problem in mind when he came up with his design. His concept of the Universal Remote combines both functionality and aesthetics.

Charon’s idea for the Universal Remote is that it will be flash capable device that would display channel listings to more elaborate menu. And, like in the movies, you can control your whole house using this baby, like controlling the microwave or the bedroom lights. And who knows, maybe even flushing your automatic toile

It will have a wide touchscreen interface. And with the right frequencies and support from outside companies this device will reportedly be able to craft custom graphic user interfaces for a product, too.

Production of this device will not happen anytime soon. For now let’s just admire its cool, futuristic design and imagine what you will be able to do with it when it is finally available.

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