United Kingdom to provide Free Laptops for Poor Families

Free Laptops

In an effort to have its poor families follow their children’s progress at school, United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently promised that his administration would provide free laptops and broadband Internet access for about 270,000 low-income families.  His representatives even added that the prime minister also wanted every household to be broadband-capable.

The proposal aims to get families updated on their children’s behavior in school through the Internet and access their progress reports on their grades, attitudes, and other needs.  This is in part of the government’s "guarantee" in providing parents access to their children’s school progress reports through online means-by 2010 for high schools and 2012 for elementary schools.

Prime Minister Gordon plans to invest £300 million (about US$486 million) to jump start the project.  It is set to be debated in the House of Commons this week.

Image source:  Jill Mead, via Guardian

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