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Rumors about the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) gaming keyboard from United Keys date back quite a while. Many techies were skeptical whether it would be realized, but here it is, ready to make your life a lot easier. The OLED gaming keyboard features 103 standard keys and comes with 9 monochromatic OLED display keys. This keys can be custom mapped and identified by images or text – clearly rivaling the Optimus Maximus.

The OLED gaming keyboard measures 7.25-inch wide and 20.5-inch long. The OLED technology used in this gaming keyboard are widely used in computers, mobile phones, televisions, and general lighting purposes (in buildings, for example). One of the major advantages of this technology as used in the device is reduced power consumption, since a USB connection is powering it – this device does not need any auxiliary power supply.

There is good news. If you do not want to have the full keyboard, you can buy only the keypad of 9 OLEDs. United Keys is taking orders now and shipping within two weeks. It will cost you $300 for the full keyboard, whereas the OLED keypad is going to run you $200. United Keys keeps the costs of the gaming keyboard and the keypad low by harmoniously integrating proven technology with existing form factors.

Image Source: United Keys

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