Unique Mass Public Transport System Concept From China

Mass public transport is essential for many urban areas with a large population. But as people in cities increase and with valuable real estate getting scarce, it can be quite difficult trying to layout a new mass transport system like trains in order to accommodate the transportation needs of an increasing human population. A company in China may just have provided a unique mass public transport concept that might help resolve these issues.

A Chinese company, Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Co., Ltd. recently proposed a unique light-rail train mass transport system that might just work well if built. This unique concept calls for a unique train design that can run on existing road systems and go over vehicular traffic without occupying more valuable real estate than what it needed for its rails as well as stations.

The concept train design has the body wide enough to encompass a whole road section and high enough for cars to pass under it. The train can run on rails built onto the road edges. This way, there’s no need to built a more complicated railway system but instead make use of what is available on existing road systems. It may seem quite complicated enough. You might want to check out the concept yourself on this website to further understand and get the idea.

Image Source: China Hush

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