Unique Gadget Gifts For The Holidays

Holiday GadgetsPeople are excited to receive gifts these coming holidays. If you prefer buying a loved one or family member some type of gadget as a present, you may need to think things carefully before doing so. Most of them may already have a smartphone, notebook or tablet so that may be out of the question. If you wish to buy gadget gifts that are both unique and meaningful, you can try to check out the following choices.

Lomography Diana Deluxe KitLomography Diana Deluxe KitFor those who love photography, giving them something from the classic way of taking pictures may be interesting. This Lomography Diana Deluxe Kit may be quite an interesting gift. It may not be as advanced as most digital cameras nowadays. But this camera set harkens avid photographers to the days of film photography. The classic way of taking pictures with all its flaws becomes a hobby for those with the Lomography Diana Deluxe Kit. The kit comes with a wide range of accessories to experiment with and capture photos with unpredictable results. This set is available at the Lomography site for $248.

iRobot Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880You might have a young friend or relative who cannot seem to find the time to clean the house. Even vacuuming the room can take some time. You can help offer some convenience by giving your friend this iRobot Roomba 880. This robot vacuum can conveniently clean the floor without any human intervention. It studies the area it cleans and systematically vacuums the floor it passes through. When it is done, it recharges itself by going back to its charging base for the next round of cleaning. The iRobot Roomba 880 is available at iRobot for $700.

Singtrix Karaoke Machine

SingtrixIf you have friends or family members who love to sing, a karaoke machine may be a good idea for a present. If you are looking for one, the Singtrix Karaoke Set may be an ideal present for people who love to become the next American Idol. This karaoke machine comes with a vocal processor that makes use of auto tuning to help mask those flaws and lets users sing like a professional. It is really a great device to have at parties and gifts to people with a frustration to be a singer. The Singtrix Karaoke Machine kit is available at Singtrix for $350.

Philips Living Colors Iris Lamp

Philips Living Colors Iris LampSome people just want to feel good. Help them develop a certain mood through lighting by giving them the Philips Living Colors Iris Lamp. It is not just an ordinary desk LED lamp. It is designed to be pleasing to the eyes, like an object of art. Using a companion app, the Philips Living Colors Iris Lamp is able to make use of 16 million color combinations to help set a particular mood in a room. This unique mood lamp is available at Amazon for $100.

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