Uniden HomePatrol Simple Program Scanner

Not that many people would be having a radio scanner at home in order to get and listen to radio frequencies used by police, fire stations and emergency medical services as well as for weather alerts. But they can sometimes provide useful information in certain situations for some people. This may be the reason why they are available in the market in the first place. And for those who wish some added convenience having such a device, the new Uniden HomePatrol Simple Program Radio Scanner may be quite ideal.

The Uniden HomePatrol Radio Scanner allows users to easily and more conveniently scan and listen to radio channels in their area. It can be as simple as entering the the ZIP Code or the city to select the channels used in your area. A touchscreen display allows for a more convenient control. It covers all known channels in the US and Canada. The device also allows users to record sessions for later playback. The Uniden HomePatrol Simple Program Scanner is available at Uniden for US$600.

Image Source: Uniden

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