Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle

Uni Wheel UnicycleGoing places is always an exciting experience. Aside from traveling long distances, some people are just quite excited trying to go around the next block. Exploring nearby places has its own set of fun experiences. There are a lot of things to see all around. Make yourself one of them as you go around using this Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle.

The Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle is a good way to go around your neighborhood without using the car. Sometimes, just going somewhere a block away using the car may not be practical. Aside from walking, you can also take a bike. But if you wish to travel in style, you can use this Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle to go around.

The Uni Wheel Unicycle features a self-balancing powered by a 35000 mAh Samsung lithium battery supplying up to 350 watts of power to the built-in electric motor. With every full charge, this electric unicycle can go for up to 20 kmh for 1 hour. It weighs 10 kgs, light enough for a person to carry and store when not in use. The Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle is ideal for traveling short distances such as going around the school campus, going from the office to the train station, or just going around the neighborhood. Learning how to ride this electric unicycle is made easier with a pair of training wheels and a training belt. First-time users will gradually learn how to balance on a single wheel and get used to the built-in gyroscope trying to make the unicycle stand upright. Eventually users will take off the training wheels once they get used to the balancing act on an electric unicycle. The Uni Wheel Electric Unicycle is available at Chinavasion for $410.

Image Source: Chinavasion


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