Uneia Haptique Hardshell Case for MacBook Aluminum

Uneia Haptique

The idea of protecting your laptop used to be confined in having a great laptop bag to carry around, but now more users have sought out for more protection to their laptop computers through hardshell cases.  These added coating keeps your laptop from scratches.  However, these covers are custom-made according to your laptop model.  For MacBook Aluminum, Uneia has got your computer protected.

The Uneia Haptique hardshell case protects your MacBook Aluminum in a simple yet stylish design.  The case is made of ABS plastic with a soft touch coating, giving you that leathery feel.  The Haptique is also soft on the inside, making your laptop scratch-proof all while keeping its ventilation holdes open for continuous cool performance.

Setting-up the Haptique is very easy, as you can snap the case onto your MacBook right out of the box.  Simply put the top piece on the laptop screen cover, then the bottom piece to the bottom of the MacBook and the hinges of the two snap on its own.

The Haptique fits snugly around your MacBook Aluminum, giving it a secured fit.  You also do not have to adjust the case as its port openings align correctly with the ports on the laptop.  Also, the ventilation holes at the bottom help keep the computer cool.  The Haptique also adds a little bit of thickness to your laptop, but you can expect it to withstand some minor, accidental drops.

The Uneia Haptique hardshell case for MacBook Aluminum is available at Uneia’s official website at $49.95.

(Image source:  Uneia.com) 

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