Underwater Turbine Generates Electricity From Rushing Water

Certain disasters can cause power outages that can greatly affect daily life. Emergencies are harder and more difficult to address when there is lack of electric power in the area. In such cases, being able to come up with emergency power becomes an essential task. For areas affected by intense flooding or considered as water prone, this new Cappa Underwater TurbineĀ  may help provide electric power in areas where is can be set up to work its magic.

The Cappa Underwater Turbine is a prototype developed by Japanese company Ibasei designed to generate electric power in areas devastated by flooding. It looks like a small jet engine, which hides a turbine that can generate electricity from flowing water. It is ideal to use in rivers with a continuous flow of water. Setting it up in a certain area of free flowing water will make its turbine turn to generate electricity. It can work in a river that flows at 4.5 miles per hour.

The Cappa is compact enough to bring in emergency areas where there is a nearby river to set up the turbine. Five of these units can generate up to 1KW of power. Considering that rivers continuously flow 24 hours a day, the Cappa Underwater Turbine can generate electric power all day that would serve to provide it in areas in dire need of electricity after a disaster. The Cappa is still being refined to make it even more efficient. The company is eyeing an early 2013 release to consumers who might be interested in using this method of generating some renewable energy from something that is usually taken for granted like water flowing from a river.

Image Source: DigInfo TV

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