Underwater Scuba Mask Camera from Etronixmart

Etronixmart Underwater Digital Camera Mask

While not all people are into snow, they still want to record their tropical memories as it happens without having to worry about keeping the camcorder at hand.  Etronixmart may have solved that problem with its Underwater Scuba Mask Camera, a snorkel set with a video camera attached on top.

The Scuba Mask Camera can accommodate up to 4GB of storage and produces images with 1280 x 960 resolution for high-def viewing pleasure.  Users can simply rub the magnetic ring for a second to set the camera to picture mode, or for two seconds to take video clips.  The mask even vibrates to indicate you have switched modes or have successfully taken images.  The camera is also equipped with antifog technology to keep your images clean and clear.

The Underwater Digital Camera Mask from Etronixmart sells for US$116.99.

Image source:  Etronixmart

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