Umeox Apollo Solar Powered Android Smartphone

The smartphone market is always filled with newer models offering different features. But then there are unique ones that truly catch your attention in one way or another. The new Umeox Apollo Solar Powered Android Smartphone is one of them.

The new Umeox Apollo is a unique smartphone in that it features an embedded solar charger, courtesy of Umeox Mobile’s partnership with Intivation, located on the phone’s rear panel that continuously provides power to the phone, always providing the phone with added power. The Umeox Apollo is an Android phone that features a touch screen display, a high definition 3MP camera, Bluetooth connectivity and multimedia features. What makes it even attractive is that it is expected to cost only around US$100. The Umeox Apollo Solar Android Smartphone is set to be available in the market by May of this year.

Image Source: Intivation

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