Umbrella Lights Up When It Rains

umbrella light

You may have heard of an umbrella embedded with LEDs for that "starry" night. If you have not, do not worry because this is only conceptual (but doable). Now, a product concept introduces lighted umbrellas with a whole new dimension.

Industrial designer Sang-Kyun Park has designed what looks like an ordinary umbrella, but the material actually contains a conductive membrane called PDVF. What it does is that every time it rains, the potential energy from raindrops slamming onto the umbrella transforms into electrical energy, causing the embedded LEDs to light up. The heavier the rain, the brighter the light, which would enable you to see better where you are heading.

This is different from previous models of lighted umbrellas because this concept does not require a switch. Also, its purpose is way beyond vanity of having "a lighted umbrella" as it aims to give you ease in traveling while walking under heavy rain at night time.

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