Ulysse Nardin Chairman Hybrid Smart Phone

Ulysse Nardin Chairman

If luxury is your thing and being unique among other people is always your priority, then the gadgets you look for are mostly those that the public may not obtain that easily (or afford for that matter). You want a gadget unlike any other and only the ones that a privileged few can actually have. If you belong to this privileged group of people, then the new Ulysse Nardin Chairman Hybrid Smart Phone is something that you’d be interested in.  

In terms of looks, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman looks splendidly appealing. With models in rose gold in combination with either blue or steel, the smart phone truly exudes luxury and elegance. It also features a 2.8 inch multi-touch screen display, a keypad with high quality tactile response, a 5 mega pixel camera, and Wi-Fi network connectivity. This smart phone is also equipped with a unique fingerprint reader as a personal phone security feature- how’s that for distinction?

The Ulysse Nardin Chairman is touted as a hybrid smart phone mainly because it is a mobile smart phone combined with the unparalleled watch technology that Ulysse Nardin is known for. For this unique mix, the UN Chairman hybrid phone features a special kinetic rotor system, usually used for watches to allow passive charging of the smart phone’s batteries.

It is not yet known just how effective this rotor system can actually charge up the phone’s batteries. But it really is something that other smart phones currently don’t have. This luxurious looking phone was just recently unveiled for exhibit and so far, no news yet on how much it costs. But for people with exquisite tastes, price is no object when it comes to exclusivity.

Image Source: Ulysse Nardin

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