Ulysse Nardin Chairman Cell Phone


Ulysse Nardin Chairman cell phone fuses the "best breed of cell phone technology" and Ulysse Nardin Watch Technology.

Billed as a "hybrid smart phone," the Chairman boasts of a 2.8-inch multi-touch screen, finger print reader for phone unlock, a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and an email app and a browser; all of which make up the cell phone’s "best breed of cell phone technology" part.

The intricate mechanical workings on the back are actually the components of a functioning mechanical watch rotor that is integrated into the phone’s design – especially designed by Ulysse Nardin for the Chairman phone. The mechanical watch rotor is more than just a part of the design; it charges a built-in battery using kinetic energy, like how an automatic watch receives power from the force of a rotor. No word on however, on how much supplemental power this feature provides.

And since the Ulysse Nardin "only endorses the purchase of Chairman smart phones from authorized retailers," there’s no word yet regarding pricing.

Image source: www.uncells.com

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