UltraTek Flipper USB Connector Keeps You from Flipping and Reversing

If there is one thing about USB connectors that frustrates people is that more often than not, we have attempted to plug it on the wrong side. Although plugging it in the other way around would work, just imagine the time and the effort that was wasted. Plus, pushing the USB connector too hard without the knowledge that you are doing it wrongly could damage both the connector and the computer. It makes you wish USBs work like power plugs (the non-polarized one, that is).

UltraTek provides a solution with the new Flipper USB connector, which lets you plug it in any orientation. It works by putting connectors on both sides and a thin male connector at the center, instead of having connectors on just one side.

This patented design is now available for electronic manufacturers to spoil and exploit on their future dongles and adapters.

Source: EE Times, via Engadget

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