Ultrasone Edition 9 Headphones

Ultrasone Edition 9 Headphones

Presenting one of the most expensive, and probably the most expensive headphones to date. With a sky-rocket price of $1,500 the limited edition promises the finest titanium plated drivers to deliver astounding sonic clarity and transparency.

Featuring aesthetics at its best, the Edition 9 is notable for the black chrome in both the ear cups and nameplates. The ear pads and headband pad are made from exotic Ethiopian lambskin leather which ensures the listener maximum listening comfort. The headphones is stored in a metal attache case which is good for safe storage and transportation.

Edition 9 headphones reduces sound pressure to the eardrums by 40 percent. Thanks to S-Logic technology that was incorporated, it delivers the listener a natural surround sound effect. It also reduces radiation, a factor always attributed with cellphone use, by 98 percent. It also features titanium plated drivers, 8Hz-35,000H frequency range and 30 ohm impedance.

This is a work with a limited offer and its target market are those who have the taste of luxury and those who are very obsessed with musical quality. It doesn’t hurt buying this one, that slashing off four digits in your wallet won’t mind you.

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