Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Earbuds

It seems that all earbuds are not made the same. If you think that using earbuds are just for casual use when you’re out and about, then think again. You may not have heard of the new Ultimate Ears 18 Pro earbuds.

Even professionals may want to have equipment that are more convenient to use. Using high end earbuds while listening to audio or while in the recording studio is a must. That is what the Ultimate Ears 18 Pro tries to offer. It is a unique set of earbuds that features a six speaker system inside its tiny casing. It uses three different drivers for mid-range, low frequency and high frequency audio signals.

Passive crossover technology allows separation of the sound frequencies, providing a more defined and distinctive sound quality that even musicians and audio professionals would want. And with its price of US$1350, it is truly a high end earbud that only professionals would mostly consider. You can check it out at Ultimate Ears if you want to check it out for yourself.

Image Source: Ultimate Ears

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