Ulo Surveillance Owl

Ulo Surveillance OwlMaking the home safe sometimes require constant monitoring. But because we always have jobs to do outside the home, we may not be able to check up on things while we are away. It helps that new technology now has many devices like the Ulo Surveillance Owl to help us out.

The new Ulo Surveillance Owl is a cute and unassuming home monitoring camera that does more than just watching your home while you are away. It features a pair of 1.22-inch round LCD displays that act as the owl’s large eyes. Users can interact with this surveillance camera through its eyes that also indicate the mood it’s in based on what its sensors detect in its surroundings. Its eyes look moody when it senses the weather as gloomy. It expresses itself through its eyes.

But that is not all that Ulo can do. This home surveillance system also comes with a camera and a motion sensor located at its two-way mirror beak. The camera can capture live video, get instant photos and even function as a night vision camera so that it continues to work even when you are asleep. There is a microphone at the base to capture sounds in its surroundings. The Ulo Surveillance Owl also comes with a built-in speaker that allows it to talk with you through customizable sounds.

Ulo connects with a home WiFi network in order to send notifications of what it sees and detects at your home while you are away. It also connects to your smartphone that you can use to control and customize Ulo using an app. When it senses that your smartphone is leaving the WiFi network, it sends a notification and alert via email. It also goes into alert mode as well. And when it senses that your smartphone is back within the home WiFi network, it disengages alert mode. More than just a home surveillance camera, Ulo can also be programmed to do different tasks based on what the user can think of. Ulo can even be connected to other smart devices to enable a whole different range of functions such as turning off lights, adjusting home temperature and many others. The Ulo Surveillance Owl has conducted a successful crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. It is now available for pre-order for 169 Euros or around $183.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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