UGobe's Pleo Baby Dinosaur

Pleo Baby Dinosaur

Pleo is another robot marvel. It could be one of the newest members of your family as it is able to move independently of your commands. It is able to express emotion autonomously and also explores the world around him. This is because of the various sensors that it has on its mouth, legs and back. On, you will be able to connect with other owners of Pleo to find training tips that will give your Pleo better functionality.

What’s even better is that you will be able to find and download new enhancements for your Pleo. You will be able to fully connect with this robot as it has devices that allow it to see, hear, sense touch and to detect objects. It essentially has color cameras, sound sensors, two infrared sensors, 14 motors, over 100 gears, eight touch sensors and an orientation sensor.

Every Pleo life form includes a companion guide, a training leaf, an authenticity ID card, NiMH replaceable recharageable battery pack, an AC charger and an adaptor. Basically, you have everything that will allow you to have countless hours of fun with your Pleo.



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