uCorder IRDC250 Camcorder-Webcam Combo

uCorder IRDC250 Camcorder-Webcam combo

Recording precious moments on video has become a lifestyle for many people, but carrying a bulky camcorder can be a hassle.  iRes Technology introduces a camcorder that may well become the standard for convenience.  The uCorder IRDC250 Camcorder-Webcam combo is a step higher from its IRDC150 predecessor as it not only allows you to record videos while simply clipping the mini-camcorder in your shirt pocket or wearing it with a lanyard, but also works as a webcam when plugged to a PC or Mac.

This wearable video camera recorder only measures 3.5 inches in length and can record VGA-quality video files with audio in AVI format at 640 x 480 resolution (pretty much the size of a YouTube player).  It has an internal memory of up to 2GB, which is expandable up to 8GB with an optional microSD card.  The uCorder IRDC250 can record up to 7 hours of video on expanded memory and has a USB plug for easy file transfers to any computer, without the need for added software.  The USB connector also serves as its power charger.

Other features include a LED flashlight, neck strap, clothing clip, USB cable, and clip-on bracket.  Because of its size, you have to take note that this mini-camcorder does not have a viewfinder.

The uCorder IRDC250 Camcorder-Webcam Combo is available on iRes official website for only US$99.99, plus shipping and handling.

Image source:  iRes Technology

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