Ubuntu Mobile OS Coming Soon

Canonical Ltd., the company behind Ubuntu, has announced the first major tech news of 2013: a mobile version of the Linux-based operating system will soon be available. The OS is based on existing Android kernel and drivers, except that it does not have a Java Virtual Machine. The Ubuntu mobile OS, which Canonical brags would use the “full power of the phone,” is compatible on both ARM and x86 devices

While Ubuntu may be a tad too late entering a market already dominated by iPhones and Android-based smartphones, there will certainly be a market for it whether they are hard-core Ubuntu users or advanced users looking for an alternative mobile OS.

The new mobile OS will arrive this year and will be available through Ubuntu for Android. Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth remains hush-hush about whether Ubuntu’s mobile platform will land in particular carriers or manufacturers, but it should be expected to be provided into a “high-end” Android manufacturer.

Smartphones that run on Ubuntu, meanwhile, are promised to be available in early 2014. In the meantime, the OS can currently run on Samsung Galaxy Nexus as seen in the photo.

Source: Ubuntu, via Slashgear

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