Ube WiFi Smart Dimmer

The modern home is being envisioned to be one that is connected to the Internet. It allows people to remotely control everything inside the home, from stoves, water faucets, light and even doors. That type of home is no longer that afar off. There are now devices like the Ube WiFi Smart Dimmer that at least allow people a small taste of what the future home would be.

The Ube Smart Dimmer is a special light switch that you can replace your ordinary light switch to give your home that online feature that most modern homes are increasingly becoming. The Ube Smart Dimmer features WiFi connectivity that allows you to control the lights from across the room or even outside of it by using your phone downloaded with an appropriate app. The Smart Dimmer also comes with sub-metering that allows users to report the energy usage of every light connected to it. This helps users to monitor and keep track of their light usage at home. It can also be used as a security device by means of an away mode that automatically turns light on and off to deter strangers or intruders. The Ube Smart Dimmer is currently available at Indiegogo for pre-order at prices fromUS$49 to US$69. It is expected to hit the market sometime in June.

Image Source: Ube

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